Derf is a minor character in Fred: The Movie, and Fred 2 : Night of The Living Fred. HEs also found in Garfield 2 Big CIty Kitty. Derf , in this Movie, Takes Garfield by his feet and he yells "OOOONnn GH my FUCKING CAT!! HELL YEAH !" and he Really Likes Cats ok.

stinky dumb
Cursed wretched man
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Hair Color: unglie
Eye Color: stink
Weight:  dumb

derf yelled at me nd called me stink and thts why he makes me mad ok? ok. derf personally came up to me in the streets and told me i was lame and doofus but hes? bad. his name is derf




Derf Ate My Wheat Germs And Then HE Became Fred's Cohort. He HElps Him Steal Little Feet And For That HE wIll PErish

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