Fred (YouTube series) is made up of 56 episodes over 4 seasons.

Season 1

01. Fred on Halloween

02. Fred on St. Patrick's Day

03. Fred Goes to the Park

04. Fred on the 4th

05. Fred Gets Babysat

06. Fred on Halloween 2

07. Fred on Christmas

08. Fred on Valentine's Day

09. Fred on May Day

10. Fred Loses His Meds

11. Fred Gets Bullied

12. Fred Gets Detention

13. Fred Goes to the Dentist

14. Fred Stalks Judy

15. Fred on Father's Day

16. Fred Goes Swimming

17. Fred Meets Bertha

18. Fred's Mom is Missing

Season 2

01. Fred's Grandma Has a Secret

02. Fred Goes Camping

03. Fred Auditions for a Play

04. Fred's Mom Returns

05. Fred is a Star in His Own Mind

06. Fred Sneaks into Judy's Party

07. Fred Tries to Ride a Bike

08. Fred Runs for President

09. Fred Faces a Dirty Campaign

10. Fred on Election Day

11. Fred on Thanksgiving

Season 3

01. Fred Rescues the Neighborhood Squirrels

02. Fred Cooks for Judy

03. Fred on April Fool's Day

04. Fred Goes to the Doctor

05. Fred Throws a Party

06. Fred Gets Dissed at Bible School

07. Fred Works Out

08. Fred Sees a Therapist

09. Fred Goes on a Date With Judy

10. Fred Goes Fundraising

11. Fred Gives Advice

12. Fred Finds a Creepy Doll

Season 4

01. Fred Goes to a School Dance

02. Fred Gets a Letter from His Dad

03. Fred Stays in a Fancy Hotel Room

04. Fred Gets a Haircut

05. Fred Goes Reporting

06. Fred Works at a Tattoo Shop!

07. Fred's Summer Halloween!

08. Fred Goes to the Movies!

09. Nobody Believes Fred

10. Fred Babysits a Psycho

11. Fred Gets Kidnapped by Claudio

12. Fred is Left Alone by Claudio

13. FRED Learns to Airdrum with Power

14. Fred Investigates Rumors at School

15. Claudio on Valentine's Day