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The Yuksung Corporation is a multinational conglomerate based in Seoul, South Korea. They produce sugary cereals marketed towards children, as well as children's entertainment. They had acquired the Fred channel at one point to advertise cereal to Fred viewers.


When Fred was done working with Nickelodeon, he was kidnapped by the Yuksung corporation. The hiatus on the Fred channel was suddenly ended in 2014 with a teaser for new Fred videos. However, it turned out to not truly be the return of Fred. A new child, New Fred, is a public figure used to represent the Yuksung Corporation and promote their cereals through his New Fred videos. New Fred is the Korean son of the CEO of the Yuksung corporation, exploited for sales of Yuksung's cereals. This is shown in the New Fred videos, with New Fred acting unnatural in his new role and over-explains many things that he does. He is also framed in a "likable" light, with all the other characters appreciating him. He drops subtle and obvious promotion for Yuksung Corporation, as well as Korean propaganda that tries to undermine American values. This is reminiscent of North Korean propaganda, as Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-un would use similar methods to win over the North Korean people. The New Fred videos quickly devolve into showing obvious corporate and impersonal means in which the videos are made, with it going as far as the original Fred screaming out from the background at some point. This New Fred story concludes with the Lucas in Korea arc, where Lucas Cruikshank travels to Korea after being contacted by the original Fred.


After Lucas Cruikshank began working with Nickelodeon, the Fred channel went on hiatus. However, on July 31st, 2014, a new video appeared on the Fred channel, titled "FRED IS BACK!" This video teased at the return of Fred, dropping hints that this was Korean with the announcer's accent and the name drop of Psy. About a week later, on August 5th, 2014, New Fred was revealed onto the Internet. He is a Korean child using Fred's likeness to promote Yuksung's cereal.


Many viewers were angry that the "Yuksung Corporation" had taken over the Fred channel. Many believed that this was an actual company that had either purchased or hacked the Fred YouTube channel to promote their Korean cereal. However, this was revealed to be surely untrue during the "Lucas in Korea" arc.